The Red Wine Diet

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One book - Two Versions by Roger Corder

First published in the UK (December 2006) as The Wine Diet, available in the USA as The Red Wine Diet (September 2007).


The Wine Diet

The Wine Diet
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The Red Wine Diet

Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, and World-renowned wine writer (Financial Times, Dec 23, 2006):
This is much the meatiest book of this genre, written by the measured and thoroughly objective professor of experimental therapeutics...
...extremely useful and informative book...

Mike Jaensch; Winestate, Aug 2007 (Australia's National Wine Magazine)
Unexpectedly, this is a book that, like a gripping thriller, is hard to put down. With a turn of almost every page comes another fascinating revelation about the function that takes up much of our daily lives - eating and drinking.
These 200-odd pages could really have an impact on your life...

Tom Cannavan; Tom Cannavan's Wine Pages
It is a diet book - complete with eating plans and pages of recipes - but it is also an enthralling look at the particular properties of wine and their beneficial impact on health.
...debunking some food and health myths, and his holistic but rarely 'preachy' approach to nutrition and health make this book thoroughly enjoyable and convincing. Is this the holy grail for wine lovers? Well it is an excellent book that is very readable...

Brian St Pierre; Decanter, May 2007's a thoughtful antidote to some of the junk science
...quite possibly the most useful wine book published this year.
...with helpful information for non-wine drinkers...

Joe Breen; Irish Times, Feb 10, 2007
...this fascinating book is also rich with scientific detail, advice and argument...
...not all red wines do the trick.

Rose Murray Brown; The Scotsman, Jan 13, 2007
At long last we have a book about wine and health written by a real scientist.
...a fascinating new guide...

Kate Saunders; Sunday Times, Jan 7, 2007
A more pleasurable approach...
...Corder's advice is grounded in hard facts...

Will Lyons; Scotland on Sunday, Jan 7, 2007
Corder's book takes the subject to new levels...

Ned Halley; Western Morning News, Dec 30, 2007
The Wine Diet ...convincingly sets out the science...
...such a fascinating and useful contribution to the literature...

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